Gearing up for Fall: part 2 - Comments (0)

12-Oct-10 19:00

posted by Jaye Sonia

I just wanted to share some more art!

Gearing up for Fall - Comments (0)

12-Oct-10 17:02

posted by Jaye Sonia

Unfortunately, I've been swamped and I haven't had a ton of time to spend on Rhune: Dawn of Twilight. I do have some things in the works, however. Here's what's going on... read more...

Traits, Runes, and Forums - Comments (0)

18-Sep-10 04:52

posted by Jaye Sonia

My attention has been a little divided. Here's why... read more...

Back from the USA - Comments (0)

03-Sep-10 17:26

posted by Jaye Sonia

I'm back in country and trying to get back into the groove of things. Bear with me. read more...

Game release tomorrow! - Comments (0)

26-Jul-10 08:22

posted by Jaye Sonia

I'm sure I'm not the only person to feel like his stomach was filled with butterflies carrying hand grenades (and I'm not talking about those decadent drinks from Bourbon Street, either) the night before his first RPG setting released... read more...

Jon Roberts Gallery - Comments (0)

20-Jul-10 09:46

posted by Jaye Sonia

If you didn't know, Jon Roberts has been the man behind Rhune: Dawn of Twilight's two maps... read more...

Turn your friends into NPCs... - Comments (0)

20-Jul-10 06:34

posted by Jaye Sonia

When you design and publish your own setting, get to enjoy some of the small things - like the occasional nest egg or turning your buddies into villains of the worst kind. read more...

Dealing with design burnout.... - Comments (1)

22-Jun-10 21:10

posted by Jaye Sonia

Dealing with an overload of design ideas!

Inspiration - Comments (0)

22-Jun-10 21:10

posted by Jaye Sonia

Musing about the old Dungeon and Dragon Magazines..

It's really happening.. - Comments (0)

22-Jun-10 21:01

posted by Jaye Sonia

My whimsical musings about the site, the game, and what's coming online shortly before Gen Con. read more...