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It's been too long, folks. In fact, a few people have asked me (with sideways glances) if Rhune: Dawn of Twilight had given up the ghost. It hasn't. In fact, I'm so damned busy that I had to force myself away from the website for a bit to play catch up. It wasn't just Rhune, though. I had a host of side projects (a few unrelated to games) that screamed into the foreground. As you can imagine, that divided my attention and the websire went full-blown back-burner. 


So, what's up? Well, for one, a close friend (and fellow game designer) just had his Kickstarter funded! The Shadowlands Campaign Setting is a pretty big project (based on the Paizo ruleset) that incorporates some pretty cool ideas about science, magic, planetary colonization, and social advancement. Not only is it a cool idea, it's an idea that he's given me some free room in which to play. So, while I don't have the freedom to do whatever I want, he has given me a few ...cough cough... factions to mold. As I've done a great deal of the work on Rhune's factions, it seemed a natural step for me. So, I have one I'll be toying around with in 2012 that I think is pretty cool. I'll also be writing a mini-adventure set in the city of Tarina due out in the spring. If all goes as planned, I'll have it out sooner.


What about Rhune? Well, there's another mini-adventure (well, maybe not soooo mini) that I plan to release this August in time for Gen Con, alongside an updated Advanced Player's Guide (complete with some new art). It'll be as much an update to the old PG as it is a bigger introduction to the setting, all under my new studio name. 


That's not the only news, either. Because I'll be folding everything into the new studio, Rhune will become a link on that site. Don't worry, it'll still be its own entity (and very much the stormpunk campaign setting you love), just under the umbrella of something I should have done years ago. I won't be, mind you, launching with the intent of competing with a majority of the Paizo 3PPs. Nope, not at all. You won't find any "100 NPC Boons" books coming out of the studio (even if they are awesome crunch). Instead, you'll find some unique pdfs designed to supplement a GMs ongoing game, be it in the form of unique NPCs, flavorful monsters, or inconic encounters (and don't go stealing that, cause that's what I plan on calling them). As always, there will be a focus on quality production for a mature audience. Or something similar. ;)


Locally, I've been running a superheroes game called Age of Strange: Dark Tides based on the maddness of Mr. Clinton Boomer's setting of the same name. It's a fun game that's given me a chance to create dynamic PCs based on (conceptually) the old X-Men characters from the Marvel Universe. The group consists of Tye (a Tiefling-Nightcrawler hybrid), Iron Girl (modeled after Rescue), Absynn (modeled after X-23), The Acolyte (a cleric-wizard hybrid; student of Strange), Frostfire (modeled after Ice Man) and Psi (based on The White Queen). They're starting to blog - which is an interactive tool for me (as the GM) and them (as characters telling their stories) supplements our regular Friday game. It's still a new idea, but I think it's going to be a fabulous disaster. You can check it out here. They also joke about RPGs (rocket-propelled grenades), dinosaurs, and Emma's undies a lot. I try to keep them restricted to our little corner of Facebook.


In other news, the folks over a Bazaar Magazine decided that my shenanigans needed yet another outlet and, this past spring, gave me my own column. I write monthly in Geeks and Gamers, offering everything from geek-related advice to game reviews. It's really geared toward the local community here in Kuwait, but every once in a while, I cross the desert and write stuff for the gamer-geek community as a whole. I suppose, out of context, some of it won't make sense to outsiders, but that's always the case when you write on the local level. Regardless, I have fun with it and the feedback has been positive. (Note: not all of my articles are online. Where possible, I will reprint them on the new site in 2012. Keep your eyes peeled.)


Well, the hour grows late and I still have a lot of writing ahead of me. So, I'll cut this short and wish all of you - stormpunkers one and all - a good night. 



November 30th, 2011


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