In the Deserts of Mu, Ashnu is King...

Location: Kuwait Music: Babylon by PWEI


Gen Con 2010 was good. I finally met with a lot of the other designers from KQ, including Wolfgang Baur, Ben McFarland, Brandon Hodge, and Clinton Boomer. I also had the honor of meeting Monte Cook, Bruce Cordell, Tim Hitchcock, and Liz Courts. Everyone was very cool. And again, I managed to miss the end of Con dance. Maybe one of these years.


Of course, the launch of Rhune was the big deal for me. I didn't have a booth, so I just passed out cards and gave away free copies of the game. A lot of people asked when it would be available for purchase, but I continue to keep it as a free download. I may make a print on demand version available after all of the errata is incorporated. 


For now, that's all I have to say. Check back. 


September 3rd, 2010



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