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I can't sing enough praises when it comes to Jon Roberts (owner of Fantastic Maps). As many of you know, Jon has been Rhune: Dawn of Twilight's sole cartographer and his work is nothing less than amazing. Not only has he brought life to cities that only lived in my mind's eye, he's done so in a way that's so vivid that I can't wait to share them! I want to badly to horde them, believe me! But I know it would be a real shame if I did. 


These maps are just to amazing... too fantastic not to share. Without further adú, I give you the dwarven City of Redwll!



The City of Redwall

Government The Clans’ Council


Alignment LN


Population 18,500

Clockwork elves (5%), dwarves (80%), humans (10%), others (5%)


Jarl of Clan Redwall, City Elder (LN male dwarven aristocrat 4/fighter 11), Brigit the Shield Warden (LG female dwarven aristocrat 5/cavalier 8), Harnnik Hammerfall, High Alchemist (NG male dwarven alchemist 8/aristocrat 3/expert 4), Durham Blueblade (CG male human ranger 7/rogue 6), Vhilheim of Clan Redwall (LN male dwarven aristocrat 3/fighter 9), Karana the Stonespeaker (CG female dwarven druid 10), Tharn of Clan Blacksteel (NG male dwarven vitkarr 4/wizard 10)


            The City of Redwall is the largest dwarven city in eastern Midgard and the focal point for nearly all of the City States’ technological advancements since the Age of Progress began. Built on the western side of the Redwall Mountains, the city is famous for its mining carts, dwarven smiths, and since its discovery, dwarven blast powder. The city mines nearly all of the Redwall Mountains and makes use of extensive tunnels to connect it to the richest veins of ore. With abundant access to most of the mineral resources in eastern Midgard, the city does a brisk trade with the rest of the region.

            Rail lines connect the city to both Haven and Union City and it maintains Wagen Station – the largest rail station in all of the City-States. The Eastern Star and Hammer’s Glory both travel these lines daily. These lines enter and leave the city through its western (West Gate) and southern gates (Stone Gate) in the West Warde. Most of the city’s overland traffic – both on foot and by cart – enters the southern section of the city through the much smaller Trade Gate. The city’s largest road – The Hammered Way – connects travelers entering the Trade Gate to nearly all of the section’s neighborhoods. Numerous other entry points exist within the city, but all of these are maintained – and defended – by the various clans and are found exclusively within their family halls. Accordingly, only the dull or luckless traveler would dare enter the city through these ancestral tunnels, and only then if they could navigate the maze of mines and underground tunnels that spider out into inky, underground night.


~Jaye, May 2011


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