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I'll jump right to the link.


The Gunslinger, Ninja, and Samurai


The Gunslinger - After my first read, I love the gunslinger. Unfortunately, the firearms rules Paizo is going to be using differ slightly from what I've designed for Rhune. However, because this setting is designed to support the mechanics Paizo puts out (even when I don't agree with them 100%), I'm willing to write them in as alternatives or work-arounds. From what I've seen, they're not incredibly popular at the moment, but this is the case with most design issues. There's always two camps. One supporting the "realism" of the rule and one gingerly pointing out that we're playing a game with wizards casting spells. Both good points. I'm going to make an attempt to ensure they meet in the middle. As it stands, I'm going to support the rules as they stand. I trust Paizo's design team and I'm sure GMs that don't agree will do their own thing anyway. Such is the realm of RPGs.


The only "big issue" I have with the Gunslinger is the two free pistols or rifle at character generation. Considering that guns in Rhune are relatively rare and pretty expensive, this could be a major issue. My immediate response it to design a simple, cheaper firearm that fills this role. A gun on training wheels. It will probably be a second-hand item, something from initial era of firearm designs that doesn't have multiple shots, doesn't used cased ammunition, and still has a chance to misfire (a rule I was planning on introducing in Rhune as an option). While it means a little more design work on my part, it'll make acquiring some of the better firearms in Rhune all that more magical.


The Ninja - I love them. I can't use them, at least in name. Rhune isn't a kitchen sink setting and it's never intended to be. It's a modified steampunk setting with a heavy focus on Ragnarök, runes, and all things northern. It's about giants, Thrall Lords, and heroes that brave the fight till the bitter end. It's about heroes screaming "Walhalla" as they cross the Rainbow Bridge (or pass through the Bifrost Gate). It's not about eastern mystics, noble samurai, or ninjas. Herein lies the problem. I really, really like the ninja. 


I'll probably have to write them in as assassins, which works especially well for factions like The Black Hand, The Veiled, or any number of Aryandai hunters. But they won't be eastern in origin. They'll be rogues with a very specific type of training. 


You're probably wondering why I haven't commented on the Magus from the Ultimate Magic playtest. Well, simply put, it didn't impress me and I didn't consider putting it into Rhune. Sure, people can play them, but I'd suggest GMs treat them like wizards. As for the "words of power," there isn't much to say. The mechanic is very close to what I've been designing for the runes themselves, so that will probably fold into Rhune pretty seamlessly. 


Of course, if I'm actually going to get any of this done this century, I need to get back to writing and put away the blog. So, there. Go play some games.






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