New Traits for Rhune: Dawn of Twilight

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Here's a look at four traits that you can use in your game! While these are designed for Rhune: Dawn of Twilight, they can easily be transferred to another campaign setting with ease. 


Daring Acrobatics: You spent much of your youth leaping from trees, balancing on narrow ledges, and diving under moving carts just to prove you could. You dared your friends to do the same and always met similar challenges with a reckless abandon that unnerved your elders. You gain a +2 trait bonus to Acrobatics skill checks to cross a narrow surface or jump in combat and Acrobatics is always a class skill for you.


Initiate of the Clockwork Accord: As a young adult, you studied under a clockwork adept who taught you several magical secrets about how automata function. Pick 1 arcane spell. When you cast this spell against automata or constructs, increase the DC by 2. Once you select this spell, it cannot be changed.


Spider’s Friend (Aryandai only): As a child, you spent a lot of time training spiders as pets and bonded with them quicker than most of your siblings or friends. You gain a +2 trait bonus to Handle Animal checks to rear wild spiders (and only spiders) and Handle Animal is always a class skill for you.


Song of Urda (Dwarf only): You were born during the season of Urda and your elders taught you her song at a young age. Once per day you can sing this song to strengthen the resilience of your fellow dwarves, granting all dwarven allies within 30 ft. a +2 trait bonus to Fort saves against poison. You start this song as a move action and can maintain it for up to 1 minute as a free action. Once you stop the song, it’s effects end. Once selected, you cannot choose Song of Skuld or Song of Verdandi as a racial trait.


I've a lot more traits in development and expect to release something substantial by the early next year. Until then, enjoy. 









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