Rhune: Dawn of Twilight

About Rhune: Dawn of Twilight


Rhune: Dawn of Twilight is a unique campaign setting designed for the Pathfinder Roleplaying Game™ that combines elements from traditional steampunk, planar travel, and Norse mythology.  We call it “Stormpunk.”


At its heart, Rhune: Dawn of Twilight is world counting down the days till its ruin – a land desperately in need of heroes. Competing factions, each with very distinctive views about Ragnarök, prepare for the inevitable. These factions bypass racial boundaries and national borders alike, creating distinctive groups with highly focused agendas. Some like the Clockwork Accord race to stop the Ragnarök Clock, hoping to use technology to bend the lands of Rhune to their will. Others, like the ælves and their druid allies, shun technology and actively work to return all of Midgard to its natural state. Some groups, like the Dwarves of Redwall, embrace the inevitable conflict and prepare for the final battle; training day and night for the greatest war they will ever fight.


Players exploring the lands of Rhune will face distinctive challenges on Midgard, as well as on the other eight realms that make up the Great Tree. From the frozen wastelands of the north to the shadowy realms of Nachtland, players will explore lands of dark angles and strange realms that overlap both time and space.  Some will do so as champions of ancient, noble gods. Others will serve as cultists to renegade godlings.


Players in the world of Rhune: Dawn of Twilight will find ample opportunities to explore both traditional character roles while simultaneously approaching social issues all too familiar with the modern world. Players will have the chance to advocate philosophies and ideologies familiar to them, while still enjoying the action the Pathfinder Roleplaying Game™ rules encourage.


Will you take the side of the dwarves and clockwork elves and champion technology? Will you be one of the self-awakened? Will you take the side of the ælves and their druid allies, working to actively return much of Midgard to its pre-industrial state? Or will you side with the glitterfane, pacifist healers dedicated to spreading Alnara’s mercy?


How will you face the Thrall Lords and their barbaric servants? As an ally or enemy?

About the Realm

Rhune is composed of a number of distinct realms, each interacting with Midgard through a series of planar portals called “Clockwork Gates.” Other, more ancient gates also exist, but these are...
A description of the monsters best suited for Rhune: Dawn of Twilight. GMs will find this page useful if they have questions about populating their particular campaign setting.
The Thrall Lords are the former children of the Æssinyr and are viewed by many as upstarts or renegade godlings. They are credited with creating the giants, inflicting The Rage upon the men...
The Æssinyr are the ancient, primordial gods of Rhune. They are credited with having created all of the noble races, including the ælves, aryandai, dwarves, glitterfane, and humans...
While numerous races wander Midgard, the following noble races are the most widespread and influential...

Latest News

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When it comes to recharging my "gaming batteries," Gen Con does the trick! I didn't think I was going to make it this year because of responsibilities with my new job, but now I can go. The 13 year old boy in me is smiling, ear to ear.
As many of my readers know, Jon Roberts is my cartographer of choice. Not only is he an amazing artist, he understands my vision for Rhune and never wavers when it comes to delivering that vision....
It's Wednesday and I thought, hell, why not upload some more crush-fluff for Rhune! So, here you go!
Let's talk art, honor, honesty, a little about a newsletter, and maybe even touch on other projects I'll be involved with in the future. Oh, and let's have a look at a pretty cool 0-level divine spell, too.
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Here's a spell, specific to Rhune: Dawn of Twilight that you can put in your Pathfinder (or 3.5) game today!
Darren Calvert does it again with a stunning new series of illustrations for the crests of various cities in Rhune: Dawn of Twilight...
Over the course of this year, I'm going to introduce the world to more of the factions, Feats, and traits specific to Rhune: Dawn of Twilight. I'll post them here.

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