The Middle Court


The majority of adventures in Rhune: Dawn of Twilight are set in Midgard, the prime material plane. It is the heart of the game, and all of the other eight realms are reflections of what comes to pass there. It is this fact that makes Midgard the focus for the actions that take place in the setting. Midgard isn't just another realm. It's the heart of the lands, the trunk of the Great Tree, and ultimately, the battleground of the gods. 

Midgard is a massive land divided in two by three small seas that run from east to west. Accordingly, the lands are referred to Northern Midgard and Southern Midgard. 


In Northern Midgard, cold winds and cannibalistic barbarians rule the day. It contains the Black Ice Wastes, the massive Narwood, the Felstone mountains, the Tharwall mountains, the Ashfall mountains, and the Fel Lands - a territory that comes closest to appearing civilized. Although the north is wide open, it is a dangerous land populated by Thrall-bound giants, winter goblins, grey trolls, and worg riding wolfkin. 


Southern Midgard is further divided, albeit the lands are much safer. Southern Midgard is divided into two sections. In the east, nearly all of the continent is settled, with the dwarves, clockwork elves, and humans keeping a careful watch for invasions from the north. These are the lowlands, where thin forests and broken forts dot the land. Even if they appear sparse to the people of the west, the lowlanders are industrious, polite - and if you were to ask them - the City-States of Vallinar are the example of civility in a land facing down Ragnarök. The western side of Southern Midgard - called the Highlands by the people of the City-States - is far more primitive. It is a primordial place, with the Moodwalde - forest home to Ælveheim - overshadowing most of the plateau upon which it rests. Isolated as it is, Oracle Lake, the Lesser Lakes of the Lady, Fey Lake, Rhuneheim and the Greenpeak mountains continue to draw adventurers from the least.


A larger version of Midgard is located in the downloads section. It is a free download for those wishing to explore these lands.