The Æssinyr: The Seven Gods

Velluna-Akka, The Crone – Velluna-Akka is arguably the darkest of the Æssinyr, a reputation her priestesses do little to dissuade. Her title, in ælven, means ‘his dark reflection’ and many believe she is the black space that gave birth to the very stars.
Velash, Old Forge Father – Velash is credited as the creator of the dwarven race and is frequently depicted as the lawful twin of Hothur. As Old Forge Father, Velash is the patron god of smiths and those that wield the hammer to create. He is also the patron of dwarven communities, liberation, fire, and law.
Oridynn, The Oak King - Oridynn occupies several roles among the Æssinyr and is especially popular as the Hanged God, where he fills the role of ‘he who sacrifices himself on the Great Tree.’ He is a god of self-knowledge, magic, secrets, and most notably, the runes.
Nayadia, The Blue Maiden – Nayadia is the youngest of the three goddesses and is beloved by all, especially the ælves. She represents youth, vitality, luck, charm, and unearthly grace. She is frequently depicted rising from the waves, atop dolphins, hoisting a shinning trident to the sun.
Hothur, Old Thorn Hammer - Hothur is the patron god of dwarven warriors and those that wield the hammer to destroy. In this aspect, he is the chaotic twin of Velash, who wields his hammer to create. He is an old god and frequently associated with cleansing fires.
Alnara, Our Lady of Mercy – While Alnara is known by many names, her title “The Lady of Mercy,” is the most widely used. Throughout the City-States of Vallinar she is famous as a protector of women, young children, and those dealt unfortunate lots in life.
Dægr, The Holy Sun – Dægr is beloved by many and is worshipped widely by the people of the City-States of Vallinar. He is Vallingard’s patron deity and the Tre’Vallinar family has long held him in high regard. Among the common people of the City-States, he represents knowledge, glory, and liberation from the Thrall Lords.