The Noble Races

Known as “the Forgiven,” “the Redeemed,” or “the Lady’s Gift,” the glitterfane are a magical race of fey-like creatures that used to be goblins bound to the Thrall Lords. Most enjoy a natural predisposition to healing.
Created from the “bones of the earth” by Old Forge Father, the dwarves have rarely ventured far from the places of stone. Most dwarves embrace technology and progress, believing they will defeat the Thrall Lords at Ragnarök by using it.
Called “Ash Elves,” “Dirge Elves,” or simply “The Dying” by their immortal cousins, clockwork elves are strange reflection of unnatural desire. Once ælves themselves, they were changed by actively pursuing the technology their ancient cousins despise.
Although they are few in number, the automata (or “The Awakened,” as they are also known) are distinct race of clockwork men given sentience by members of the Clockwork Accord.
Alien and ancient, the aryandai are a remote, southern race of shape changers that assume the form of spiders. Known as ‘Spiderkin’ to the humans of the City-States of Vallinar (or as Weavers to the ælves and dwarves), they dwell primarily on the Aryandai Peninsula.
Called “The Ageless Ones” or “The Shining Ones” by other races, ælves are the oldest living race on Midgard. In fact, the ælves are Rhune’s only truly immortal race, having walked her primordial forests with the Æssinyr long before even the dwarves came into being.
Humans are a young, progressive and diverse race who exhibit a strong drive toward knowledge, wisdom, and civility. In the far north, where many have succumbed to a strange disease called ‘the Rage,’ they have devolved into barbaric, hate-filled versions of their southern cousins.