The Humans

The Humans

Humans are a relatively young race, but progressive and diverse nonetheless. While they originate from the frozen north, they have settled nearly all of Midgard, adapting to their homeland with a tenacity most of the older races find refreshing - if not with some concern at times.


In Southern Midgard, most humans exhibit a strong drive toward knowledge, innovation, and civility. This overall attitude manifests perfectly in the City-States of Vallinar, forming an mélange kingdom of possibility and potential.


In Northern Midgard, where Ragefire (more commonly known as "The Rage") afflicts a large percentage of the population, things are far less exemplar. Roaming tribes of barbaric cannibals, little more than thralls to their own bestial natures, rule the day.


Human Racial Traits

Humans use the statistics provided in Chapter 2 of Pathfinder® Roleplaying Game Core Rulebook™.