The Thrall Lords

Mhamnoch, Lord of the Long Winter – Mhamnoch is the former godling of art, reflection, and spiritual wellbeing. Today, he is worshiped widely in the north as the god of night, ice, stasis, and established power. In southern Midgard, he is worshipped in secret as the Sleeping Prince.
Felhorath, Cursed One of the Deep – A complex god that fluctuates between extreme recklessness and elaborate, well-designed plots, Felhorath is most commonly recognized as the Cursed One of the Deep. He is both the violent storm and the unknown mysteries of the vast oceans.
Felashurann, The Wraith King – While most on southern Midgard venerates him as the Wraith King, Felashurann is also known as the Son of the Void. He represents unbridled power and vengeance, and is especially popular with the downtrodden and those wronged by nobility.
D’Iessha, Queen of the Feast – D’Iessha is known by many names: the Matron of Ruin, the Red Queen, or the Ghoul Queen. She represents a depraved mixture of cannibalism, decay, gluttony, and madness. When rumors of her cults arise, inquisitors are quick to follow.
Dark Leighhanna, Mistress of the Grave - Known also as the Lady of Vultures, Dark Leighhanna occupies a distinct place in Rhune's cosmology. While most sane people would never dream of worshipping her, she is seen by many of the mortal races as the matron of death, and as such, a cruel part of natural life.